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  • Meanings of Names

    Everyone has a name and yet a lot of people have no idea as to what their name actually means. Many people are surprised to learn that many of the names around today actually derived from Latin and others have evolved from different regions.  Full Story »

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    Top 100 Baby Boy Names Online

    Choosing a name for your baby boy is important; you'll want to know the meaning of the name you choose and you may want to examine alternative spellings for the name you like. You can view websites online revealing information about the top baby boy names in a specific culture or from anywhere in the world. Full Story »

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    Unusual Baby Boy Names

    Many parents seek out unusual baby boy names in the hopes of giving their child and original and special name. Baby name websites allow parents to get some insight into what a name means, potential spellings that can be applied to certain names, and they are an excellent resource for anyone looking for an idea on how to come up with an original name. Full Story »

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    Popular Baby Girl Names

    Having a child is a fantastic experience and when you have a baby you will need to think of a name for it. Some people will know the names that they like before they fall pregnant whereas others will not have thought about it. Full Story »

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Popular Celebrity Baby Girl Names »

One of the most wonderful things about having a new baby is giving them their name. There is nothing so exciting than thinking about what name you will give that little bundle of joy that you have created. If you have a baby girl or you are expecting a girl you might want a little help in choosing a name. Many people today will look towards the popular baby girl names that are being used by celebrities.  Full Story »